Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Had Enough Already

I am totally disgusted with what President Obama has been doing to this country. If in fact he is even a citizen of the United States and eligible to be president. Why not want people to know where you were born if you have nothing to hide. He has spent thousands to keep this from being known. All his campaign promises have been broken starting from day one. He says one thing and does the complete opposite. There would be no more earmarks attached to bills, there would be transparency so that we the people would know what is going on. Instead things were done in the middle of the night behind closed doors, then we hear about them after the fact. In regards to the CHANGE he promised, he certainly has given us that. Not the CHANGE the people that voted for him thought they would be getting. Obama has blamed the past administration for the debt we have, are we in a better situation now since he took office. For the past 18 months we Americans have sat by watching Obama destroy this country piece by piece. It is time for CHANGE we want our country back !!!! With each stroke of the pen more and more of our freedoms are being taken away. First the Stimulus package it was a big emergency where has all the monies gone certainly not for what they were supposed to be used for. We are getting deeper and deeper into a big hole that we will never be able to get out of. Our children, and many generations that follow will pay dearly for what is happening now.
Then the health care reform had to be passed quickly. What was the hurry as most won't go into effect till 2013. There was certainly enough time for the bill to be rewritten and fully read by those in both houses before it was put up for a vote. I don't want the government running health care, making decisions for me and my family as to what can and cannot be done. Pretty scary when you are over 65, I feel like any minute we elders will be put out to pasture because we are too old to have treatments done and will cost too much money. No Mr. President just because we become older we do not have to accept this kind of treatment. All politicians including the President and his family should have the same health care that has been rammed down our throats.
In all the news reports in regards to the many bills recently passed all we hear is the Democrats. Whatever happened to the other party the Republicans. Do they not have any say in these important matters ? No, because you don't want their input or even the input from the American people. This is all about you and your agenda to turn this country into a socialist one.
Then there is the matter of the Czars 32+ that have been appointed by Obama they answer only to him. So they have free reign to do as they wish as those in both houses have no say. What are all these Czars costing the taxpayer ? They all have offices, staff, and cost of travel. Where is all this money coming from we are broke. They are also replicating other jobs that already exist that we the taxpayer are paying for also.
So in a nutshell, President Obama has total control over the banks, auto industry, insurance companies, the liberal media that worship the ground he walks on, and health care. Now he wants control over communication and the judicial system. They say he has charisma and speaks eloquently (with the teleprompter ) but so did someone else in the past Hitler.


  1. Very well said, knowing how we all feel the same way. Our goal is has to be to engage as many people as possible in CHANGE!!

  2. only real difference...Hitler didn't need a teleprompter.