Sunday, July 18, 2010

We have lost our way.

In my heart I truly feel we have lost our way. The saying the family that prays together stays together. We have to return to the day and time when the family was a unit not everyone going their separate ways. Seems like we have time for nothing anymore at least no time for the important things. This country was founded on religious beliefs where prayer was encouraged and part of your daily routine. Even our founding fathers were religious, but there are many that want you to believe otherwise.

In the past decade or two prayer has been removed from the classroom, no more is the Pledge Allegiance allowed to be recited in some places, the Ten Commandments are even under attack. No more Merry Christmas instead Happy Holiday !! Isn't Christmas Christ's birthday hence the name of the holiday "Christmas". We have been bending over backwards for other religions and those wanting this country to be just like the one they came from. Wanting us to change our ways and beliefs for them. This is America and we are a Christian nation you are free to worship as you wish, but don't attempt to change our ways to suit you.

Time once again to get on your knees and pray. Ask for forgiveness and bring God into our hearts once again. We as a country have turned our backs on him, time to pray for his guidance. God will be there for us if we once again turn to him, unite as a country and pray.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Changing World

There have been a lot of things on my mind lately but more than usual these past few days. I am so concerned about the direction this country is going, and it is not good. We are in a spiral and on our way to the bottom of a big pit. What happened to the country I was brought up in where you could trust people believe in their word. Where neighbor helped neighbor and you didn't expect anything in return. Back then we were a caring bunch and loved our country and what it stood for. We worked hard for all that we had and didn't exepect to get something for nothing.

Today there is a different kind of people out there. Those that expect everything for nothing and demand they get just that. I not only blame the people, but our federal government that have made them that way. This has become a nation of what is in it for me and the heck with anyone else. Those that have been elected by us to protect us and this country are not doing their job. Barack Hussein Obama is a good example of what not to be like. Even before he was sworn in as our president he had told us nothing but lies, have broken his promises. Since that day he continues down the same path of lies and deceit. This man has no respect for this country, us or the military. Obama is continually doing exactly as he wants with the help of those he has appointed, his czars, and control of both houses of Congress. He talks about creating jobs when everything he does contradicts and counteracts that. The only thing created is a bigger government, increased unemployment, increased taxes, with the goal of total control over everything and everybody.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Attention :
We are boycotting the following networks because of the one sided biased news. Fox news is the only network that airs both sides and keep us informed of what is truly happening out there in this country. So on July 16th, 17th and 18th 2010 we will not watch the following networks : CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC AND ABC. That also means no taping the shows either as that will count. We need to go cold turkey for whole three days. Surely you can do this for our country and stand together in this . Time to read some good books, have game night, watch movies there is plenty to do.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mosque at Ground Zero

Sometimes I feel what happened September 11, 2001 has been forgotten by most, especially the politicians. I will never forget the terror of that day, where I was at the time and the terror that followed. This was a wake up call and many today don't see it that way. What else needs to be done to us to make people wake up get their heads out of the sand/butts. I am tired of all the political correctness as we are appeasing our enemies. We need to stand our ground and say NO to the building of a 13 story Mosque a short distance from where the Twin Towers once stood. We cannot let our enemies do this as it is a travesty and mockery to those that lost there lives that day not a tribute as they call it. Allowing this to happen only tells those that hate us we are a country that will please our enemies not fight them. Our own president is a Muslim and stated as such. He has been bending over backward apologizing to our enemies stating we are not a Christian nation. We are a Christian nation and we believe in God. This is our country and we want to keep it that way Free. Time to stop catering to those that want to destroy us from within. Stand up America remember - United we stand Divided we fall.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Two Disasters part Two

Illegal immigration is the second disaster currently raising havoc in this country. We have had laws pertaining to this on the books for many years. The problem being the federal government doesn't enforce them. The fence was supposed to be built during President Reagan term. The agreement was amnesty for 80,000 illegals here in this country and the fence would be built. Amnesty was provided, what happened to the fence. This has been an ongoing problem with the past administrations just overlooking the problem like it will go away by itself. Well obviously that hasn't happened. There are more and more illegals crossing our southern border. Not all are from Mexico, but Other than Mexicans as well. There is proof of those associated with terrorist countries have also made across that border. They come in via South America learn to speak Spanish and then go to Mexico where they blend in with others crossing the border illegally.
We don't have enough man power or equipment to cover this vast area. We need to finish the fence that was started. It has been somewhat of a deterrent on the California- Mexico border. There is some fencing up in other places but are only there to keep vehicles out, a small child could scale those fences. We need a double fence at least 30 feet high with a cement base of at least 4 ft in depth and have razor wire on top. I think if one was built like that it would make it more difficult to dig under, cut through it or climb over without being spotted by cameras, aircraft, or heat sensors.
Our President Barack H. Obama doesn't want to build the fence or greatly increase border security. He states this will not help the problem we have. How do you know if you don't at least try. Obama is upset with the recent law SR1070 that was passed by the state of Arizona to protect its legal citizens. Governor Jan Brewer did what she deemed necessary to protect people against the drug traffic, rapes, murder, theft and the terror resulting from these actions. Now this administration is suing the state of Arizona for protecting their legal citizens stating the law is not legal. Well it is just about the same as the federal law that this administration refuses to enforce. If they did the job they were hired to do individual states would not have to do it for them. This is also an economic problem for all states on the Mexican border. The increase costs in medical care, drain on the fire, & police departments, increased size of classes in schools, also the cost of provided shelter and food for those here illegally. I am not for amnesty of any kind we need to seal the border if you are here illegally then you are a criminal plain and simple. They come here receive benefits and have no respect for us or this country. They refuse to learn our language or follow our rules.
I have nothing against immigration all of us have ancestors that came here from other countries. The difference being they came here through the front door to make a better life for themselves and their families. They learned our language followed our rules. Some even fought for their new country "America" during WW I and WW II some against the countries they came from. They were true Americans and proud of our country.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two disasters

We in this country are in the middle of two disasters :

First being the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico now day 72 since the explosion. I blame the federal government for not inspecting the Horizon properly for not listening to those on the rig. I blame our President for not putting a waiver on the Jones Act and accept the help from other countries that wanted to assist us. The have the equipment and knowledge that we don't have. With the help from abroad this mess probably would not have gotten as bad as it is. There is a tanker docked in Virginia just sitting there waiting to help. A "Whale " which can skim 500,000 barrels in a day why aren't we letting them help. If we have all the boats Obama says we have why in heavens name are we not using them. Skimmers not working for a few days, they stopped the dredging in regards the sand berns. Is it any wonder that the gulf states have taken upon themselves to try to tackle this problem someone has to do it. They won't be reimbursed for what they have spent as they didn't get promission to do it first from the feds. Damn it, time to stop all of this red tape, bull crap, work together and do what is right.
BP is the major culprit in this scenario for cutting corners to save money,not listening to the workers on the rig, at the cost of 11 lives ,and what it has done to their families. Look at what is it doing to the environment the loss of sealife, wildlife, esturaries and oyster beds. Even if they clean up what is visible there will be oil beneath the soil that will never be cleaned up. This has caused a devasting blow to all those who live and make their living in the gulf. Which in turn will create a domino effect across this country.

Had Enough Already

I am totally disgusted with what President Obama has been doing to this country. If in fact he is even a citizen of the United States and eligible to be president. Why not want people to know where you were born if you have nothing to hide. He has spent thousands to keep this from being known. All his campaign promises have been broken starting from day one. He says one thing and does the complete opposite. There would be no more earmarks attached to bills, there would be transparency so that we the people would know what is going on. Instead things were done in the middle of the night behind closed doors, then we hear about them after the fact. In regards to the CHANGE he promised, he certainly has given us that. Not the CHANGE the people that voted for him thought they would be getting. Obama has blamed the past administration for the debt we have, are we in a better situation now since he took office. For the past 18 months we Americans have sat by watching Obama destroy this country piece by piece. It is time for CHANGE we want our country back !!!! With each stroke of the pen more and more of our freedoms are being taken away. First the Stimulus package it was a big emergency where has all the monies gone certainly not for what they were supposed to be used for. We are getting deeper and deeper into a big hole that we will never be able to get out of. Our children, and many generations that follow will pay dearly for what is happening now.
Then the health care reform had to be passed quickly. What was the hurry as most won't go into effect till 2013. There was certainly enough time for the bill to be rewritten and fully read by those in both houses before it was put up for a vote. I don't want the government running health care, making decisions for me and my family as to what can and cannot be done. Pretty scary when you are over 65, I feel like any minute we elders will be put out to pasture because we are too old to have treatments done and will cost too much money. No Mr. President just because we become older we do not have to accept this kind of treatment. All politicians including the President and his family should have the same health care that has been rammed down our throats.
In all the news reports in regards to the many bills recently passed all we hear is the Democrats. Whatever happened to the other party the Republicans. Do they not have any say in these important matters ? No, because you don't want their input or even the input from the American people. This is all about you and your agenda to turn this country into a socialist one.
Then there is the matter of the Czars 32+ that have been appointed by Obama they answer only to him. So they have free reign to do as they wish as those in both houses have no say. What are all these Czars costing the taxpayer ? They all have offices, staff, and cost of travel. Where is all this money coming from we are broke. They are also replicating other jobs that already exist that we the taxpayer are paying for also.
So in a nutshell, President Obama has total control over the banks, auto industry, insurance companies, the liberal media that worship the ground he walks on, and health care. Now he wants control over communication and the judicial system. They say he has charisma and speaks eloquently (with the teleprompter ) but so did someone else in the past Hitler.