Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two disasters

We in this country are in the middle of two disasters :

First being the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico now day 72 since the explosion. I blame the federal government for not inspecting the Horizon properly for not listening to those on the rig. I blame our President for not putting a waiver on the Jones Act and accept the help from other countries that wanted to assist us. The have the equipment and knowledge that we don't have. With the help from abroad this mess probably would not have gotten as bad as it is. There is a tanker docked in Virginia just sitting there waiting to help. A "Whale " which can skim 500,000 barrels in a day why aren't we letting them help. If we have all the boats Obama says we have why in heavens name are we not using them. Skimmers not working for a few days, they stopped the dredging in regards the sand berns. Is it any wonder that the gulf states have taken upon themselves to try to tackle this problem someone has to do it. They won't be reimbursed for what they have spent as they didn't get promission to do it first from the feds. Damn it, time to stop all of this red tape, bull crap, work together and do what is right.
BP is the major culprit in this scenario for cutting corners to save money,not listening to the workers on the rig, at the cost of 11 lives ,and what it has done to their families. Look at what is it doing to the environment the loss of sealife, wildlife, esturaries and oyster beds. Even if they clean up what is visible there will be oil beneath the soil that will never be cleaned up. This has caused a devasting blow to all those who live and make their living in the gulf. Which in turn will create a domino effect across this country.

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  1. Linda you are so right. Somehow, in my suspicious mind, I cannot wonder if somehow, the two disasters are tied together in order to gain more and more control over our country.