Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How is the working out for you


Sure bring the troops home from Afghanistan with a time line, keep the our borders open so that terrorists can continue to cross into this country. All this in the name of security I think not. It is way past time for those in our Federal Government to do the damn job they were hired to do. Instead they threaten the states that try to do the job the feds were hired to do. That is right hired, they work for us. We have an administration that cares not what happens to the legal citizens of the United States of America. They continue to pander to those that aren't here legally all in the name of votes. As they continue to try and get amnesty for those here illegally for just that reason. This and many other things that have gone on in Washington DC from the refusal to secure our borders to those in DC that take money, bribes from big companies and Unions. There are many that should have been tried for their numerous illegal activities and gone to jail. But as usual the laws do not pertain to them, we have tax evaders in many corners of this administration and nothing is said. The media continue to say nothing and worship the ground these criminals walk on. We have a President and many in Congress that see nothing wrong with Occupy Wall Street, the rapes, violence, loss of jobs due to businesses closing because OWS; illegals getting free education, medical care, housing assistance, food stamps after all we can't let them starve or live in the streets. While we have legal citizens without jobs, a place to live or food to eat living in the streets, but that's o k. The laws that have been passed since 2008 due to an Executive Order, and there are many. All because Obama couldn't have his cake and eat it to. It is his way or no way. The lack of respect this President has for this country, the military and WE THE PEOPLE is deplorable and not acceptable. His plan and goal for this country goes along the line of Cloward and Piven, Van Jones, Rev. Wright,/Bill Ayers, George Soros, The Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, and many others that want to see this country collapse from within. The riots and hate around the world are now on our doorstep as we watch Europe fall, as we will if we don't wake up. Obama continues to bow down to our enemies and push our allies away. With all that he has done since 2008 to this country to push his agenda, in my eyes are acts of treason. We are supposed to be protected from all enemies foreign and domestic, how is this working out for you. THE MEDIA CONTINUES TO SAY NOTHING maybe they should think of what will happen when they are no longer needed the same for many of the politicians that back this President.

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