Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Am Pissed !!

What the heck is wrong with this country ?? The answer being, we have driven and continue to drive businesses overseas along with jobs provided by these many companies. An example went out yesterday to buy a slow cooker/ or roaster oven and low and behold all were made in China no matter what company !!! Along with toasters, Christmas decorations. So needless to say it was a made in China or not...hing. This makes my blood boil where is the duct tape for my head it is going to explode. Not only that but how many out there have noticed or even look at where most of the ground beef at the supermarkets are coming from - The origin is either Canado - Mexico - USA so you have no idea where it is from. Just like most seafood sold is from China or somewhere else overseas. What is wrong with local seafood at least we know where it comes from. Times are tough for most out there but if we continue this trend it won't be better for America but better for those that own our debt.

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