Saturday, July 3, 2010

Two Disasters part Two

Illegal immigration is the second disaster currently raising havoc in this country. We have had laws pertaining to this on the books for many years. The problem being the federal government doesn't enforce them. The fence was supposed to be built during President Reagan term. The agreement was amnesty for 80,000 illegals here in this country and the fence would be built. Amnesty was provided, what happened to the fence. This has been an ongoing problem with the past administrations just overlooking the problem like it will go away by itself. Well obviously that hasn't happened. There are more and more illegals crossing our southern border. Not all are from Mexico, but Other than Mexicans as well. There is proof of those associated with terrorist countries have also made across that border. They come in via South America learn to speak Spanish and then go to Mexico where they blend in with others crossing the border illegally.
We don't have enough man power or equipment to cover this vast area. We need to finish the fence that was started. It has been somewhat of a deterrent on the California- Mexico border. There is some fencing up in other places but are only there to keep vehicles out, a small child could scale those fences. We need a double fence at least 30 feet high with a cement base of at least 4 ft in depth and have razor wire on top. I think if one was built like that it would make it more difficult to dig under, cut through it or climb over without being spotted by cameras, aircraft, or heat sensors.
Our President Barack H. Obama doesn't want to build the fence or greatly increase border security. He states this will not help the problem we have. How do you know if you don't at least try. Obama is upset with the recent law SR1070 that was passed by the state of Arizona to protect its legal citizens. Governor Jan Brewer did what she deemed necessary to protect people against the drug traffic, rapes, murder, theft and the terror resulting from these actions. Now this administration is suing the state of Arizona for protecting their legal citizens stating the law is not legal. Well it is just about the same as the federal law that this administration refuses to enforce. If they did the job they were hired to do individual states would not have to do it for them. This is also an economic problem for all states on the Mexican border. The increase costs in medical care, drain on the fire, & police departments, increased size of classes in schools, also the cost of provided shelter and food for those here illegally. I am not for amnesty of any kind we need to seal the border if you are here illegally then you are a criminal plain and simple. They come here receive benefits and have no respect for us or this country. They refuse to learn our language or follow our rules.
I have nothing against immigration all of us have ancestors that came here from other countries. The difference being they came here through the front door to make a better life for themselves and their families. They learned our language followed our rules. Some even fought for their new country "America" during WW I and WW II some against the countries they came from. They were true Americans and proud of our country.


  1. Very well said. I have said we need to send them all home, Hispanic, Italian, German, Russian, who cares what country they are from. If they have entered our country illegally they must go home, and start the process the correct way. Isn't that what our laws are supposed to represent? Why oh why would we want to let them stay when they broke the very first law? Illegals are draining our cities, our schools, our jails, and our whole way of life. We now have to add a second language? What about English? Do you think England would change their language? Absolutely not.

    Go home an do it right!

  2. I love people who speak truth ..very well said