Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Changing World

There have been a lot of things on my mind lately but more than usual these past few days. I am so concerned about the direction this country is going, and it is not good. We are in a spiral and on our way to the bottom of a big pit. What happened to the country I was brought up in where you could trust people believe in their word. Where neighbor helped neighbor and you didn't expect anything in return. Back then we were a caring bunch and loved our country and what it stood for. We worked hard for all that we had and didn't exepect to get something for nothing.

Today there is a different kind of people out there. Those that expect everything for nothing and demand they get just that. I not only blame the people, but our federal government that have made them that way. This has become a nation of what is in it for me and the heck with anyone else. Those that have been elected by us to protect us and this country are not doing their job. Barack Hussein Obama is a good example of what not to be like. Even before he was sworn in as our president he had told us nothing but lies, have broken his promises. Since that day he continues down the same path of lies and deceit. This man has no respect for this country, us or the military. Obama is continually doing exactly as he wants with the help of those he has appointed, his czars, and control of both houses of Congress. He talks about creating jobs when everything he does contradicts and counteracts that. The only thing created is a bigger government, increased unemployment, increased taxes, with the goal of total control over everything and everybody.


  1. Linda, my thoughts exactly...

  2. Good one Linda..! It's evident that Barry is a Marxist. He was raised and mentored by Marxist symapathisers. And what do Marxist do best, lie, lie and more lies to justify their means.
    Jeff Churchill