Sunday, July 18, 2010

We have lost our way.

In my heart I truly feel we have lost our way. The saying the family that prays together stays together. We have to return to the day and time when the family was a unit not everyone going their separate ways. Seems like we have time for nothing anymore at least no time for the important things. This country was founded on religious beliefs where prayer was encouraged and part of your daily routine. Even our founding fathers were religious, but there are many that want you to believe otherwise.

In the past decade or two prayer has been removed from the classroom, no more is the Pledge Allegiance allowed to be recited in some places, the Ten Commandments are even under attack. No more Merry Christmas instead Happy Holiday !! Isn't Christmas Christ's birthday hence the name of the holiday "Christmas". We have been bending over backwards for other religions and those wanting this country to be just like the one they came from. Wanting us to change our ways and beliefs for them. This is America and we are a Christian nation you are free to worship as you wish, but don't attempt to change our ways to suit you.

Time once again to get on your knees and pray. Ask for forgiveness and bring God into our hearts once again. We as a country have turned our backs on him, time to pray for his guidance. God will be there for us if we once again turn to him, unite as a country and pray.


  1. You always seem to write what I think.. maybe because we are sisters in Christ. Linda, this world has forgotten what being brothers and sisters are all about. I will say, that I have many black friends who consider me their sister. There are some, black, white, purple, green, that don't know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Scripture tells us that once the whole world has heard his word ~~ doesn't say accept his word ~~ says heard His word, He will return in all of His Glory! There are so many who have turned their backs on His love and His teachings. I believe that is why we are where we are today, as do you. Wonderfully written. May God continue to touch your spirit to write as He guides the fingers that type.

  2. Awesome Linda..! It's all about getting back to our basic foundation laid out by God and emphasized by the gospel of Christ. It’s simple, we are the majority and we need to take it back.
    Very motivational Linda, thanks Jeff