Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vote in 2012

 Is this where we are headed it is sad to think this country of ours is no longer going to exist as we know /knew it. Scary to even think that these will be the good old days for future generations. I want my country back. We have a person in charge of this country that wants to see us fail as do his minions, we continue to lose our freedoms daily with each stroke of that pen writing executive orders. Is this the "Transformation and Change " he "Obama "promised and many were too blind to see then and now. What is it going to take for people to wake up and see what is happening get their heads out of the sand and out of their butts - pay attention damn it . We are following in the footsteps of those in Europe and elsewhere. Is this what we want our country to become ??? Socialism doesn't work period, history does repeat itself. We as a nation have become too complacent, gullible, and corrupt with the loss of morals, family values,and religion. There are many in this country that have been screaming, that what this country stands for offends them. Well don't let the door hit you in the ass leaving, go back to where you came from. Seems like they want to have what they didn't have "Freedom " but want to change this country to suit them. My question is why did you leave your country in the first place ? Why come here and try to change us to what you have run away from. You can compare this with those that live in big cities and move to the suburbs to get away from the noise, congestion and other ills of big city living. But then want all the conveniences that they ran away from, doesn't make any sense. You can't have it both ways it will either be dictatorship or freedom time to make your choice. If more people don't begin to see the light we are in big trouble. This administration is trying to divide this country racially and economically soon there will be no more middle class only the very rich and those that are destitute. Looking back over the past three years seeing what has been done to this country sickens me and it should sicken everyone. We have become a country of many depending on the government for everything, they are not supposed to be our providers we are. Smaller government is the answer but the way we are headed the government will have total control of everything. Driving all the small businesses out of business to create bigger government controlled corporations and enterprises. We are doomed if things don't change and now is the hour to do it, our change not Obama's change. WE cannot let them take away our right to vote in 2012 in the name of a crisis stand up and be heard. If this happens there will be no further elections it will be a dictatorship with the same person at the helm.

These are my thoughts.


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